Parent expresses hope Fehl-Price will improve

Feb. 8, 2019

Ashely Glover attended the community meeting at Fehl-Price Elementary Thursday night to learn about the changes to the school her 10-year-old daughter attends — the school Glover says has failed the fourth-grade student repeatedly in the past.

“The last couple years, it has been bad, and my child is a student that is failing, so I’m hoping that it will make a change,” she said.

She said if things don’t improve drastically, she plans on moving her daughter to a school where her needs will be better met.

“She’s been failed by the system,” Glover said. She has been voicing her concerns to the Fehl-Price for the last two years, but said she hasn’t seen improvement.

The nonprofit charter school system ResponsiveEd has partnered with Beaumont ISD to take over Fehl-Price Elementary School, which has been in improvement-needed status for four consecutive years.

The in-district charter will allow BISD to maintain ownership of the campus and provide all of the same services, like transportation and meal-assistance programs, while ResponsiveEd takes control of the curriculum and educational approach in the hopes of meeting the standards set by the Texas Education Agency.

Glover said if the partnership leads to the changes she feels are needed in the school, she would keep her daughter at Fehl-Price. (To read more)

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