Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership in DCA is based on the student enrollment data. 

District Charter Alliance Benefits




E-mailed weekly during the Texas legislative session and monthly during non-session months with the latest information on district-charter partnerships, related legislation and rulemaking. Additional e-mails will go out related to important deadlines, informational materials and correspondence for advocacy purposes.

Member Meetings

Quarterly meetings with members designed to increase knowledge on partnership work, professional development, networking opportunities and sharing of ideas.


DCA members create and vote on a legislative agenda for each legislative session. DCA advocates on behalf of district charter partnerships and its legislative agenda at the state Capitol and TEA.

Policy Guidance

Policy guidance and assistance throughout the legislative session and rulemaking process. Assistance with proposals during grant writing process and other partnership work, including contract negotiation.


Assistance with outreach to local and statewide media, supportive op-eds and letters to the editor created and placed, assistance with editorial boards, social media and testimony support. DCA will also provide various communications guides on each step of 1882 support, HB 3 support and additional FAQ and media support guidance.

Site Visit and Networking

Members have an opportunity to attend a site visit to a district charter partnership or innovative school model (in-state or out-of-state). DCA will also provide assistance and support in finding partners, in-state and out-of-state charters, universities and non-profits interested in partnerships with districts, both at networking events and 1-1 assistance.

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