LTE: A blow to education innovation


The Dallas Morning News

LTE: A blow to education innovation

by: Tracy Young and Bibi Yasmin Katsev, Dec. 11, 2019

Re: “DISD backs away from charter plan — Trustees had OK’d privatization for some pre-K programs,” Saturday Metro & Business story.

Two steps forward and three steps back, it seems. It saddens us to see continued one-dimensional thinking about innovation in our community’s public education system. This article reduces vibrant and varied educational partnerships, innovation and problem-solving to a simple money grab by schools. Partnerships allow schools to turn from competition to cooperation. They provide an avenue to share best practices and to work with proven partners to coordinate what works for students in need.

We should encourage and support more creativity by our school boards as they work to help students in struggling schools and tough environments. This is not controversial; it’s what we elected them to do.

Tracy Young, Dallas, and Bibi Yasmin Katsev, Austin

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