Statement from Bibi Yasmin Katsev, Executive Director, Texas District Charter Alliance on passage of House Bill 4205

May 24, 2019


“The District Charter Alliance celebrates the passage of House Bill 4205. This bill allows school districts to move forward with struggling campuses and find innovative models through partnerships to serve children well and keep students in the same campus location.”


The District Charter Alliance supports responsible and meaningful legislation that allows for district charter partnerships and provides students with opportunities for greater innovation and success.  

  • Without the passage of HB 4205 in the 86th Legislative Session, current law would have compelled a school district to go with one of two options when a school is in danger of being closed due to poor performance. If a campus is forced to close its doors, it cannot reopen and serve the same grade levels it did previously. The only two options: close the school entirely or serve different grade levels - which further disrupts learning for struggling students.
  • HB 4205 will now provide a third option: it will allow a school district to partner with a high performing non-profit with a track record of success for all student populations. In a similar manner to the guard rails put in place for partnerships within the 2017 law, SB 1882, districts are able to partner with an innovative, high-performing entity and non-profit for a school turn-around.
  • With this additional tool for school boards and districts to use, HB 4205 accomplishes the intent of current law: to ensure children are not stuck at a troubled school. Students can stay in their local school with a new partner with a proven track record of success.

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